Nuttin’ But Salads N=1 Experiment: Week 3 Summary

Peanut M&Ms in my employer’s office at the hospital. Very tempting but not salad, so not going down my gullet.

Weight today is 167.4 lb (76.1 kg) compared to 168 lb last week, so may or may not be a significant drop. Weight when I started three weeks ago was 175.5 lb (79.8 kg).

Mozzarella cheese, shrimp, roasted garlic cloves, olives, salami, spinach, tomato, and roasted peppers from a jar

Chicken salad on a bed of greens plus tomatoes and strawberries

Salami, greens, olives, cheese, fresh basil

Left-over chicken from El Pollo Loco, greens, avocado, blackberries, pecans, strawberries

Caprese salad-style platter that the whole family munched on. With olive oil and vinegar.

Similar to one above

I was running late for work, didn’t have time to make a salad, so I threw these into my lunch bucket as a substitute: canned oysters and mackerel, apple, avocado

Microwaved pre-cooked frozen meatballs on a bed of mixed greens including asparagus sautéed in butter

Not salad, so not eating it. M&Ms in the Resident’s Office at the hospital.

I feel good. Workouts are going well. I’ve had a few nocturnal muscle cramps like when I was on my ketogenic diet several years ago. I wonder if a calcium supplement would suppress those cramps, but they don’t bother me enough to even fool with it. I’ve been taking mag oxide 800 mg/day for a while, hoping it will keep keep a lid on my blood pressure.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: That serving of mackerel provides 31% of the RDA for vitamin D, 20 grams of protein, 773 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, and 15% of the calcium RDA. That vitamin D is important to me since I’m not getting much sun now, and this salad diet may be an insufficient source. Calcium intake may also be inadequate. I haven’t done any nutrient analysis yet.

PPS: Or maybe I shouldn’t worry about adequate nutrients. Don Gorske is on target eat his 30,000th McDonald’s Big Mac on May 4. Two of the burgers a day is about all he eats!

3 responses to “Nuttin’ But Salads N=1 Experiment: Week 3 Summary

  1. Good job, your salads look wonderful!

  2. Those salads do look scrumptious, as I try to extend my “intermittent fast” til lunch —and I recognize all that Costco food!
    AZ has the same products we do NC.