Who Should a Christian Marry?

I’m parking these NYCPastor links here for future reference. They discuss fundamentalist/evangelical Christian ideas that many other Christians would disagree with. Their is much invaluable wisdom in the links nevertheless.

F’rinstance…NYCPastor thinks I’ll not get to heaven if I die today because he says I’m an unrepentant adulterer. Let’s define adultery as sex with someone other than your spouse. My first wife divorced me. I had not committed adultery (adultery being one of the few—the only?—legitimate reasons for Christian divorce). Neither of us were Christians at the time. Despite the divorce, NYCPastor says that in God’s eyes, that first wife is my wife for all time unless she committed adultery and I divorced her for it. “What God has joined together, let not man separate.” I returned to Christianity and married my current wife a few years later. We have two children. This second marriage is not legitimate or recognized by God since I’m still “married” to my first and only wife.

What should I do about my current marriage? NYCPastor says, “Repent and leave it. Cling to Christ.”

The Methodist preacher who married us didn’t bring any of this up at the time.

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 Updated January 26, 2015

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