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Is Drinking Tea Healthful?

Green tea isn’t always green

From P.D. Mangan’s new book “Best Supplements for Men“:

Green tea, which is commonly drunk in China and Japan, is associated with lower rates of cancer, about 30% lower in those who drank the highest amounts of green tea compared to the lowest. Deaths from cardiovascular disease were about 25% lower in the highest consumption group versus the lowest. This is of course epidemiological evidence, meaning that it can’t show whether green tea actually prevented disease, or that there’s some other connection such as that heather people drank more green tea.

Laboratory and other evidence, however, provides some good reasons to think that green tea is the real deal when it comes to sides prevention.

A recent study of the elderly in Singapore found tea consumption linked to much lower risk of neurocognitive decline in women and carriers of the “dementia gene” APOE ε4.

P.D. suggests that the health-promoting dose of tea is 3 to 5 cups a day, and black tea may be just as good as green.

Steve Parker, M.D.


Found: Another Green Tea That’s Actually Green



My wife found this “matcha LOVE™” Japanese green tea at Sprouts market. A worker said it’s a favorite of their Japanese ethnic patrons.

I don’t know what she paid for it; at you can get 10 teabags for $12 something (USD). So it’s expensive. Some of the other teas I’ve reviewed here are 18 cents a cup.

The flavor is fine, a bit stronger than many “green” teas I’ve tried. That’s not bad. A nice esthetic bonus is that the brewed tea stayed green to the last drop. Several other green teas I’ve tried turn tan after a few minutes.

Steve Parker, M.D.

Found: Another Green Tea That’s Not So Green

This one is Yamamotoyam Sushi Bar Style Green Tea.

Yamamotoyama sushi style green tea

Yamamotoyama sushi bar style green tea

For $18 USD I got a pack of 90 individual teabags. So, just 20 cents a serving. “Best before” date is September 2018, so I’m assuming it’s relatively fresh, but who knows?


I’ll admit there’s a slight green tint to this drink that is predominantly yellow. Thirty seconds after I removed the teabag, it was simply light tan. Taste is fine.

My recollection of the reviews at Amazon several months ago was that this was going to be a green green tea. I’ll not go through those reviews AGAIN.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: I was at a sushi bar four months ago, but drank warm sake instead of tea.

Update December 9, 2016:

I’ve brewed a few more of these teabags and note a distinct greenish tinge to the tea in the cup. After a few minutes it fades to tan. I dissected a teabag and found green tea, indeed.

The dissected bag

The dissected bag


Found: Another Green Tea That’s Not Green

Green tea from Carrington Company out of Paramus, New Jersey

Green tea from Carrington Company out of Paramus, New Jersey

I had some hopes for this one since the 20 bags were packed in an air-sealed bag. But alas….

Bix Reports: Tea And Apples Are Good For The Heart 

Green tea

Green tea

The healthful component of tea and apples seems to be epicatechins. Bix, the Fanatic Cook, writes:

“Other good sources of epicatechins, besides apples and tea, include blackberries, broad beans, cherries, black grapes, pears, raspberries, and chocolate. Red wine also contains epicatechins….”

Source: New Study: Tea And Apples Are Good For The Heart | Fanatic Cook

Bix worries about the alcohol in wine causing cancer. Keep your consumption low to moderate and cancer shouldn’t be a problem. says green and white teas have the most catechins (same as epicatechins, I assume for now).

The study at hand involved Dutch men, so we don’t know if results apply to women. It’s an observational study. The men with the highest epicatechin consumption had a 38% lower risk of death from coronary heart disease compared to the lowest consumers. Perhaps because it was a relatively small study involving only Dutch men, the researcher write that “More studies are needed before conclusions can be drawn.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Have you heard that the Mediterranean diet is also good for your heart?

Maybe I Need to Re-Think This Green Tea Thing

“I have friends who attend matcha tea ceremonies, hire doulas, and go to shaman-led sweat lodges in Tulum.”

Source: American Digest

PS: “Match tea” is a term I ran across in my quest for green tea that’s actually green.

Mission Accomplished: I Found Green “Green Tea”


It’s light green immediately after steeping; five minutes later it’s more yellowish-green

My first two purchases of green tea looked like brown tea. So next I ordered some Kirkland Ito En Matcha Blend Japanese Green Tea from I think this tea is actually grown in Japan.

Kirkland is a house brand of Costco, so you may find this tea there.

It has a mild and pleasant taste.

I paid $18 (USD) for a box of 100 and got free shipping, so price per cup is 18 cents.

The box

The box

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Brown “green tea”:

Mild, pleasant flavor but may not have the phytonutrients I seek

Bigelow Green Tea

Not to me

Twinings Green Tea