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Wake Up, People! Watch This Video If You Believe Everything the Mainstream Media Spoon-Feeds You

Whitney Webb opines on Epstein, WEF, electric vehicles, international political corruption and more. I first saw this remarkable 33-year-old mother in one of the COVID-19 videos I linked to here.

My favorite line of hers from the video: “We have outsourced our needs to corporations that want to enslave us….”

I love Whitney Webb. I’ll be very sad when she’s assassinated. Watch the video before it’s banned.

QOTD: Proverbs 13: 20-21

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.

Misfortune pursues the sinner, but prosperity is the reward of the righteous.

Alternatively, the King James version:

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Evil pursueth sinners: but to the righteous good shall be repayed.

Proton Pump Inhibitors Linked to Myriad Diseases

I have nothing against Prilosec in particular. It can be very helpful. It’s one of several PPIs on the market.

Proton Pump Inhibitor drugs (PPIs) greatly reduce the production of acid in the stomach. They revolutionized and improved the treatment of ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. When I started medical practice in 1981, I saw many patients who had required stomach surgery to treat their ulcers. Remember the good ol’ Billroth procedures? Of course you don’t. The first PPI approved for use in the US. was cimetidine (Tagamet) in 1979.

But wait, you say. “Isn’t there a reason we have stomach acid in the first place?” Good question! Because if we reduce stomach acid, it may cause problems. Regardless of what acid contributes to food digestion, it also kills germs in food and water. Germs that may kill us if ignored. Most of us in the developed world would be horrified to drink untreated water out of a lake, stream, river, or spring. But what do you think Homo sapiens did for most our 200,000 years of our existence?

From Joe Alcock, M.D.:

Omeprazole was made over the counter in 2003 but I don’t think these drugs should ever have been made available without prescription. PPIs are powerful drugs that treat heartburn by reducing gastric acid production. This is accomplished by PPI binding to the hydrogen/potassium ATPase enzyme on gastric parietal cells lining the stomach. PPIs do more than block acid. They are associated with an increased risk of congestive heart failure, kidney disease, long bone fractures, and dementia, vitamin B12 deficiency, reviewed here. Regular use of proton pump inhibitors is associated with increased incidence of type two diabetes, about 24% higher compared to non-users of the drug. Proton pump inhibitors are also linked an with increased risk of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (which is a clue as to why these drugs can be harmful). They also increase the risk of infection by Clostridiales difficile by about 2x.

Most of these individual observational studies are unable to establish causation, but the preponderance of evidence points to PPIs causing harm.

Dr Alcock also found evidence that PPI users who catch COVID-19 have 1.6x increased risk for severe disease and death. 

If you’re prescribed a PPI for chronic use, check with your physician to see if you still need it. Occasional use for heartburn shouldn’t be a problem. For chronic heartburn, consider a low-carb diet and stop nocturnal alcohol consumption.

Steve Parker, M.D.

And Now For Something Completely Different… Enslaved Icelander Describes Horror of Ottoman Slave Market (1627) 

President Biden’s Sept 1, 2022, Speech on “Democracy”

President Biden’s Sept 1, 2022, speech in Philadelphia is likely to have major impact on the November elections. Especially what he says starting at minute 4. “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution, they do not believe in the rule of law…..”

“We must be honest with each other and with ourselves. Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

Three thousand “likes” when I viewed it on YouTube but the “dislike” counter seems to be de-activated. I wonder why. BTW, the U.S. is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.


COVID-19 Link Dump: Vax Causes Myocarditis and Pericarditis, Vax—->Death, Will Docs Ever Admit They Were Wrong?, Dr Malone on Biden’s Treatment With Paxlovid, Novella: Excessive Deaths NOT Caused By the Vax, Vax Safe and Effective?

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

From William M. Briggs:

Remember how the woke and super-concerned and awfully caring and, most of all, ignorant (I use this word in its technical sense) censors at YouTube, Twitter and all the rest quashed accounts that said myocarditis was likely a prominent side effect of the mRNA viruses? Which, as we’ll see below, it surely was?

Censoring the unwashed is their natural inclination, yet that happy duty was strengthened by Experts in the bureaucracy whose policy was the Noble Lie. Yes—the “L” word. For do you also remember when CDC Director Rachel Walensky, a physician, announced in her most serious voice, “Vaccinated people don’t carry the virus, don’t get sick.”

From Wayne Allen Root:

33 Dead and Sick Friends From Our Wedding Only 8 Months Ago …all of them vax’d. Anecdotal? Yes, of course. But still….

But it has nothing to do with our wedding. Open your eyes. This is happening everywhere. Non-COVID-19 deaths are up dramatically in the United States (and all over the world). Life insurance companies report non-COVID-19 deaths are up 40% or more among young, working-age Americans. Lincoln National reports death benefit payouts are up over 163% in the year since COVID-19 vaccines came out. These are death increases not seen during World War II.

Read the headlines: Every day a new celebrity, actor, rock star, athlete or CEO is dropping dead “suddenly and unexpectedly.” Most of them are way too young to die or suffer strokes or heart attacks. I’m betting they all have one thing in common: they are VACCINATED.

Steve Kirsch asks:

Will physicians EVER speak out?

Or will they continue to shrug their shoulders and refuse to look at the data showing that these vaccines are the biggest scandal in medical history?

Three young doctors at one Canadian hospital die in same week soon after getting the vax.

Dr Robert Malone on “President” Biden’s treatment with Paxlovid. Listen from 17:55 to 26:20 minutes.

Steven Novella says excessive non-COVID deaths in the U.S. were NOT caused by the vaccines:

These proximate causes likely relate to a few more fundamental causes. For example, delayed or deferred hospital admission or medical care likely resulted in increased deaths from heart disease and stroke. People were simply reluctant to go to the ER for fear of catching COVID there, and because hospitals were overwhelmed. Having experienced the ER during the pandemic I can tell you it was full of a lot of unhappy patients, waiting for beds in overcrowded conditions.

Other deaths are deemed “death of despair”, due to increased alcoholism and drug overdoses. Increase in motor vehicle deaths is interesting, attributed to more fast and reckless driving provoked by relatively empty roads. Increase in homicides was similarly attributed to increases in anxiety and restlessness during the pandemic.

Of course, many of the usual suspects have tried to link excess mortality to vaccines. This has been debunked, however, and in fact the evidence shows a beneficial effect of vaccination on excess mortality.

Another from Steve Kirsch:

The “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart

Here is my list of over 40 leading indicators that the momentum is moving in our favor. I’d be surprised if the narrative doesn’t fall apart soon. It’s now unravelling quickly in the UK.

Steve Parker, M.D.

Food Shortage? Grow Your Own!

Carrots would have been larger if I’d thinned them out when young

From The Food Shortage Solution In Your Own Backyard at

A confluence of crises—lockdowns and business closures, mandates and worker shortages, supply chain disruptions and inflation, sanctions and war—have compounded to trigger food shortages; and we have been warned that they may last longer than the food stored in our pantries. What to do?

Jim Gale, founder of Food Forest Abundance, pointed out in a recent interview with Del Bigtree that in the United States there are 40 million acres of lawn. Lawns are the most destructive monoculture on the planet, absorbing more resources and pesticides than any other crop, without providing any yield. If we were to turn 30% of that lawn into permaculture-based food gardens, says Gale, we could be food self-sufficient without relying on imports or chemicals.

Permaculture is a gardening technique that “uses the inherent qualities of plants and animals combined with the natural characteristics of landscapes and structures to produce a life-supporting system for city and country, using the smallest practical area.”

Author Ellen Brown discusses the apparent success of small gardens on dachas in Russia.

I don’t know much about permaculture, but I’m skeptical about it working in my environment in southern Arizona where we only get 7 inches of rain/year and summer temperatures are often well above 100 degrees F.

I have a small raised-bed garden. This is my second summer of experimentation. I’ve had a modicum of success with green beans, tomatoes, cantaloupe, carrots, rosemary, parsley, basil, and Armenia cucumbers. I’ve battled pests and predators who want my crops: mealy bugs, white flies, powdery mildew, woodpeckers, and rabbits. I find vegetable production difficult here, but I’m enjoying it anyway thus far.

Steve Parker, M.D.

Loss of Trust in Physicians

From WebMD: “Comorbidity is a medical term that you may have heard your doctor use. It describes the existence of more than one disease or condition within your body at the same time. Comorbidities are usually long-term, or chronic. They may or may not interact with each other.”

“JC Dodge” posted a thought-provoking article at American Partisan. For example:

Although we are all dealing with COmorVIDities, anyone who has COmorVIDities from the vaccine can place them purely at the feet of the medical community. You might say, “But JC, the government and companies required it of Employees.”. Although this appears true on it’s face, if the medical community had stood up and acted on the, “First do no harm.” oath they took as medical providers, the government and businesses wouldn’t have had anywhere to go but “STOP”.

One of the COmorVIDities I now have, is a fear that anything I am told by any medical provider, whether for my kids or myself, is BS and aimed at padding their pocket. The majority of them have proven they will take kickbacks from the GOV or Big Pharma, over providing quality medical care.

I actually questioned my Child’s Pediatrician, when she was getting a normal childhood vaccine, because it didn’t sound like the ones my other three kids had received over the last 24 years. Why? Because I no longer trust them to do the right thing for their Patients.

Although I know some good Doctors and Nurses, I believe most of them were forced out of what is considered, “The Medical Community”, because they weren’t foolish enough to get the vaccine, or wanted to be able to prescribe “Non-Approved by Big Pharma” treatments. Most of those left are getting their “30 Pieces of Silver” from Big Pharma and the GOV, and couldn’t be happier.

I am a hospitalist. Most of the physicians I know are frontline in-the-trenches doctors taking care of patients and in no position of authority over hospital administrators, business administrators, and public health authorities.

I remember only two things from the first day of medical school, spoken by an Asian professor:

  • “If you’re sitting here today, you probably have an IQ of at least 120.” (So don’t worry, you can handle the workload.)
  • Mention of Sir William Osler’s Aequanimitas essay.
  • “Every day not sunny day.”

Most of medical school, which typically lasts four years, involves memorization of massive amounts of information, which you regurgitate and on a test and have forgotten a month later. It is not fun, to say the least. Medical students have actually done more analytic thinking while acquiring their undergraduate degrees and in high school. After med school, physicians spend at least three to five years in a residency that also requires incredible memorization, but you tend to retain more since it is clinically relevant. Much of the actual thinking of a practicing physician revolves around establishing a diagnosis and formulating a rational treatment plan. Even then, much of the diagnosis is made by high-tech imaging and blood tests, so the doctor has to do less thinking than our predecessors of 40 years ago. Similarly, we have “clinical practice guidelines” that are composed by “authoritative” committees, telling us how to treat specific conditions. If we follow those guidelines, we may be more likely to retain our jobs, earn a salary bonus, and prevail in malpractice lawsuits. Physicians who think and question the guidelines are too often seen as trouble-makers. Unlike 40 years ago, a majority of physicians are not independent, but are employed by large organizations that tend to control them via a paycheck.

My point is: Many practicing physicians don’t have to do much thinking, so they don’t. Sad, but true.

So JC Dodqe is right to question his child’s pediatrician.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: One of the reasons for specialization is that there is so much to learn in any given field, there’s just no time or mental capacity to keep up with less pertinent aspects of medicine. An orthopedic surgeon doesn’t need to know much at all about heart failure, diabetes, and anemia. That’s my job.

QOTD: Victor Davis Hanson on Revolution

No rule of law here. It’s the law of the jungle.

At American Greatness:

Americans are now entering uncharted, revolutionary territory. They may witness things over the next five months that once would have seemed unimaginable.

Until the Ukrainian conflict, we had never witnessed a major land war inside Europe directly involving a nuclear power.

In desperation, Russia’s impaired and unhinged leader Vladimir Putin now talks trash about the likelihood of nuclear war. 

A 79-year-old Joe Biden bellows back that his war-losing nuclear adversary is a murderer, a war criminal, and a butcher who should be removed from power. 

After a year of politicizing the U.S. military and its self-induced catastrophe in Afghanistan, America has lost deterrence abroad. China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are conniving how best to exploit this rare window of global military opportunity. 

The traditional bedrocks of the American system—a stable economy, energy independence, vast surpluses of food, hallowed universities, a professional judiciary, law enforcement, and a credible criminal justice system—are dissolving.

Gas and diesel prices are hitting historic levels. Inflation is at a 40-year high. New cars and homes are unaffordable. The necessary remedy of high interest and tight money will be almost as bad as the disease of hyperinflation.

There is no southern border.

Expect over 1 million foreign nationals to swarm this summer into the United States without audit, COVID testing, or vaccination. None will have any worry of consequences for breaking U.S. immigration law.

Police are underfunded and increasingly defunded. District attorneys deliberately release violent criminals without charges. (Literally 10,000 people witnessed a deranged man with a knife attack comedian Dave Chappelle on stage at the Hollywood Bowl last week, and the Los Angeles County D.A. refused to press felony charges.) Murder and assault are spiraling. Carjacking and smash-and-grab thefts are now normal big-city events.  

Crime is now mostly a political matter. Ideology, race, and politics determine whether the law is even applied.

Supermarket shelves are thinning, and meats are now beyond the budgets of millions of Americans. An American president—in a first—casually warns of food shortages. Baby formula has disappeared from many shelves.

Politics resembles the violent last days of the Roman Republic. An illegal leak of a possible impending Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade that would allow state voters to set their own abortion laws has created a national hysteria. 

Never has a White House tacitly approved mobs of protesters showing up at Supreme Court justices’ homes to rant and bully them into altering their votes.

There is no free speech anymore on campuses.

Life may well get very tough, very soon. VDH didn’t dwell on the risk of upcoming famine. Are you ready? You need to be lean and physically tough. Let me help.

Steve Parker, M.D.

#COVID-19 Link Dump: Denmark Suspends Vax Program, Religious Exemption From Vax Mandate, Vax May Prevent Recurrent Infection, Ivermectin Worthless

artist's rendition of coronavirus
Artist’s rendition of Coronavirus

Denmark suspends their vax program starting May 15. May restart in the Fall.

From Jann Bellamy at Science-Based Medicine (Federal employment rights agency inundated with thousands of COVID-related discrimination claims):

As for a worker claiming a religious exemption to an employer’s vaccine mandate, the EEOC’s guidance said that the employer must provide a reasonable accommodation “for the religious belief, practice, or observance” that prevents the worker from receiving the vaccine under Title VII, unless that accommodation poses more than a “de minimis” cost or burden.

“If, however, an employee requests a religious accommodation, and an employer has an objective basis for questioning either the religious nature or the sincerity of a particular belief, practice, or observance, the employer would be justified in requesting additional supporting information . . .”

Further complicating the issue, the EEOC advised that “religion” is not limited to established religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It also includes “religious beliefs that are new, uncommon, not part of a formal church or sect, or only held by a small number of people”. As well, “nontheistic beliefs can also be religious for purposes of the Title VII exemption as long as they ‘occupy in the life of that individual’ ‘a place parallel to that filled by. . . God in traditionally religious persons’”. Thus, “the non-discrimination provisions of the statute also protect employees who do not possess religious beliefs or engage in religious practices”.

In Israel:

Among patients who had recovered from Covid-19, the receipt of at least one dose of the BNT162b2 [Pfizer] vaccine was associated with a significantly lower risk of recurrent infection.


If you have a recurrent infection, wouldn’t you expect to be sick? Acute illness didn’t necessarily have anything to do with labeling someone as infected. “We compared rates of recurrent infection, as identified on ad hoc RT-qPCR testing, among patients who had received the BNT162b2 vaccine with rates among unvaccinated patients.” I found no criteria defining “ad hoc” in the Methods section. “Recurrent infection was defined as a positive RT-qPCR test for SARS-CoV-2 at least 100 days after the primary infection.” Regardless of symptoms, then. I’ve run across a number of patients with a positive PCR test yet no symptoms. Until very recently, the hospital where I work was testing everyone admitted, for any reason, for COVID-19. So if you felt fine but got bucked off your horse and suffered a hip fracture, you got tested.

From Brazil:

Treatment with ivermectin did not result in a lower incidence of medical admission to a hospital due to progression of Covid-19 or of prolonged emergency department observation among outpatients with an early diagnosis of Covid-19

The treatment dose was 400 mcg/kg daily for three days. Study subjects were allowed to have symptoms for up to seven days before starting the drug. Ivermectin proponents would say you need to start the drug much earlier than seven days in. The researchers report: “We observed no benefit with ivermectin as compared with placebo among patients who began the trial regimen within 3 days after symptom onset (relative risk, 1.14; 95% Bayesian credible interval, 0.76 to 1.74).” About have of the ~650 ivermectin recipients were started on the drug within 3 days os symptom onset.

More than 60 randomized trials of ivermectin for the treatment of Covid-19 have been registered, and findings have been reported for as many as 31 clinical trials.5 The results have been discordant, and various review groups interpret the evidence differently — some advocating for benefits of ivermectin, and others reticent to conclude a benefit.6-8 However, most trials have been small, and several have been withdrawn from publication owing to concerns about credibility.9

I’m still waiting for the experts to tell me why otherwise healthy 55-year-olds die from this disease. A genetic defect in their immune system? Inadequate exposure to coronaviruses earlier in life? Undiagnosed and untreated vitamin D deficiency? Just bad luck?

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Obesity is a risk factor for a bad outcome from COVID-19. Let me help reduce your risk. You think COVID is done with us? Maybe. But I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. Dr Fauci had over two years to tell you to lose the excess weight, exercise, and get some sun exposure. But he never did it.