Disappointing Weight Regain as of July 14, 2018

I love peanut M&Ms

In just five and a half weeks since finishing Nuttin’ But Salads, my weight is up nine pounds, to 171. I failed even to keep eating one large salad daily.

BP is up significantly and I’ll probably be restarting amlodipine. Max of 153/109, more commonly 144/94.

Why? Candy, pastries, pie, cake, bread, alcohol.

Magnesium supplement fell by the wayside. Still drinking hibiscus tea when working.

5 responses to “Disappointing Weight Regain as of July 14, 2018

  1. There you go–confirmed “carbs kill.”
    I myself had a similar experience this past summer—fall.

    As I’ve asked my husband in the past; “If carbs are so bad for us, why did God make them taste so good?”

    (I actually have an answer–if all that’s around are carbs, it means theres not much of nutritional value, so it does benefit one to eat up, store fat, and hopefully live long enough to be alive when a nutritionally dense source of food becomes available. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!)

    • Lee, I’ve heard a similar theory before. Many of our carb-dense foods are deficient in various nutrients, so we eat more of them in an effort to meet our immediate nutrient requirements. One result is excessive calories, stored as fat.

  2. Have you considered trying a whole food plant based approach?

    • Does “plant-based” mean vegetarian or vegan? If so, the answer is no. And what kind of vegetarian? Lacto-vegetarian? Lacto-ovo vegetarian? Is pescatarian plant-based or fish-based?

  3. Still tuned in.