French Vaccine Policy Guru Says the COVID-19 Vaccines Are Useless

The various available vaccines likely have different adverse effect profiles

UK Column published an interview with top French vaccine expert Professor Christian Perronne on the subject of Covid-19 vaccines. Due to censorship, I doubt you’d see this on YouTube. Some excerpts below, but RTWT:

I’m Professor Christian Perronne. I work at a university hospital near Paris, with the University of Versailles. I was the head of department for infectious diseases since late 1994, but I was fired from that position a few months ago because of my public statements.

I embarrass our government because I was working for various governments, of both the right wing and the left wing of politics, and for fifteen years I was chairman of many committees, [including] the High Council on Public Health, which advises the government on public health policy and vaccination policy. I was also the vice-president of a group of experts for the European region of the WHO.

So I was involved in the management of several epidemics and pandemics, with different governments, and when I saw how the epidemic was managed since February-March 2020, I was amazed. I saw that it was completely crazy. That’s why I spoke out in the media, but now I’m censored in the media.

it has never happened that a state or politicians recommend systematic vaccinations for billions of people on the planet for a disease whose rate of mortality now is 0.05%. That’s a very low rate of mortality! And they’re making everybody afraid that there’s a new so-called “Delta variant” coming from India, but in fact all these variants are less and less virulent, and we now know that [with] this so-called “vaccine”, in the population that is inoculated at large, it is in these people that the variants emerge.

So I don’t understand why the politicians and the various authorities in different countries are asking for mass inoculations while the disease is so mild. And we know that over 90% of cases are in very old people. And we can treat them: we have treatments. There are hundreds of publications showing that early treatments work: there’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin D, and so on—it works! There are publications!

So all these products, so-called “vaccines”, are useless, because we can perfectly well control an epidemic. And the best example is in India…

[…should the unvaccinated be afraid of the current “variants” that are out there, and the coming “variants”?]

Exactly the reverse! Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants. In transmission, it’s been proven now in several countries that vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others. That’s been proven in Israel now, where I’m in contact with many physicians. They’re having big problems in Israel now: severe cases in hospitals are among vaccinated people. And in the UK also, you had a larger vaccination programme and there are problems [there] also.

Cytokine storm is raging in his lungs. “I need a ventilator STAT!”

[Is there a serological test (of antibodies circulating in blood) to see if someone is immune to COVID-19 based on prior infection?]

The French physician David Mendels has published about this, comparing several serological tests (around twelve; I don’t remember the exact number) from China, Germany, France and other countries. They were all assessed by the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France. Most of these tests were bulls**t. They could not correctly identify the number of antibodies.

I think that’s terrible, because I think that the scientific community, [owing to] some conflicts of interest, didn’t want to develop reliable serological tests, because if we had done that, we would be able to see today that most of the British, French, German, Spanish population are now immunised.

But if they showed that, it would be a big problem for the marketing by the pharmacological companies, because they would not be able to impose the vaccination policy, because I think that most people in Europe and other countries worldwide are already immunised. There is herd immunity.

So they did all they could do not to have reliable serological tests, and to me, that’s a great scandal.

To think that ivermectin is toxic is completely stupid: hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people in the world have taken ivermectin for [parasitic] diseases, for [lymphatic] filariasis and so on. So it’s a very well-known product. No, it works; it’s completely proven.

But the problem with all the drug [regulatory] agencies in the world—the FDA in the United States, the European Medical Agency, the French drug agency—they all say “No, hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work; azithromycin doesn’t work; ivermectin doesn’t work,” despite many, many published proofs that they work. Because if they acknowledge that they do work, it’s impossible for them to market their so-called “vaccines”. That’s the only reason; it’s a marketing reason.

For me, it’s terrible, and I think all these people one day should have to give account for why they took these decisions, which are completely against any ethical basis.

[See TheIndianExpress article from May 2021, “Uttar Pradesh government says early use of Ivermectin helped to keep positivity, deaths low”]

[Professor Perronne, what is your view of the adverse effects that are being recorded at the moment?]

In the past, with other, real vaccines, there were some crises, problems with some side effects; but neither for myself nor among friends and family have I ever seen such severe side effects. I even know of two deaths around me: the mother of a friend, and a guy who was the cousin of another friend, who died from the “vaccine”.

Speaking personally as a French citizen, I see around me cases of death, cases of paralysis. One woman, a neighbour who was vaccinated, several days afterwards developed malignant arterial hypertension; she had never had hypertension [high blood pressure] her whole life. Several thromboses, partial paralysis, arthralgic [joint pain] problems—around me, I have seen many cases.

I think that the databases [of adverse effects] in some countries are not accurate, because in these cases that I could see, I know that the general practitioners [family doctors] did not want to report the death or the side effect to the authorities, saying, “No, it’s just a coincidence!”

So, many, many side effects are not being reported. If there is a stroke, they say, “Oh no, it’s not the vaccine; it’s [just] a stroke; this person was old, so it’s normal to have a stroke.”

Because I speak with my patients (I have some patients who are high-level directors of companies), I know—they tell me—that the physicians in the big companies where many employees were “vaccinated” (I don’t like using this term “vaccinated”) [saw that they] had problems, but the occupational health doctors didn’t want to report the cases to the French authority. So it’s not being connected with the “vaccine”; it’s [being put down as] “coincidence”.

If we compare the French database with the Dutch database, with the same proportion of patients vaccinated [in both populations], the rate of reporting is much lower in France [as reported by UK Column News from 22:50 on 30 June 2021]. That’s not normal! But if we then look at the European level, we see that there are huge numbers of deaths and serious side effects.

We know—it’s officially acknowledged by the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control in the United States—that many young people who are “vaccinated” (let’s say “inoculated”) have had heart problems: myocarditis, inflammation of the cardiac muscle, or pericarditis, inflammation of the envelope around the heart. So that’s official; it’s reported worldwide.

And if we look at the comparison of the rate of mortality in others, we find that in vaccinated children, it could be close. As we know, children don’t develop the disease [Covid-19] at a high rate, and very few children have had severe cases, and the rate of [Covid] death in children is near zero. We now know that the risk of death and of severe problems is much higher if you are vaccinated than not vaccinated [as a child].

And now, we see in some countries that most of the problems, of the cases, are coming from vaccinated people, who are transmitting the disease. And of course, this is not official language, but in France, the government lies: they say, “Although we have seen some cases, it is the fault of the unvaccinated for contaminating the vaccinated.”

I’m a Fellow of the Louis Pasteur Institute; I’ve worked in the field of vaccination for years and years. This is the first time in my life that I’ve heard from companies, from the manufacturers, from the ministers, from the WHO [such talk]: “It’s a very good vaccine—but we have to tell you that if you are vaccinated, you can get the disease anyway! And we’re not sure, but it may slow the transmission.”

This is not normal. If you are vaccinated with an efficient vaccine, you are protected. You should not have to wear a mask any more; you should have a normal life. But in fact, in many countries, they say, “Oh, you’ve been vaccinated, but you’re not really protected.” And now they say to the vaccinated—who are supposed to be protected, who should have confidence!—“Oh, the unvaccinated will contaminate you!”

Now, as regards the “health passport”: you know that they published [this proposal] five weeks ago in Israel, and they were close to civil war in Israel. They were fighting inside families. The “vaccine” was mandatory for physicians, for students. And now, they’ve stopped that [requirement].

In France now, President Macron will speak tomorrow evening [12 July], and is expected to say [as he duly did] that vaccination will be mandatory for health care workers, health providers and to participate in some [aspects of] public life. I think this is a great scandal, and I think there will be a civil war if we go this way.

[Professor, I’d like to ask you: if you were in control at the moment, if you held power in France, what would you do to solve the situation that you see?]

First of all, I would stop the so-called “vaccination” campaign. I would promote, among general practitioners, early treatment with ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin C and Doxycycline or azithromycin.

Also, I would encourage the strict isolation of symptomatic patients, because that’s the way to control the transmission: just two weeks of isolation is enough, during the contagious period of symptomatic people, but strictly isolated, with a mask if needed and so on. Treat them very early.And if you do that, it rapidly ends [transmission].

I’m in favour of strict isolation of symptomatic patients, but the lockdowns which were embedded in many, many countries in the world are completely stupid. You don’t stop an epidemic with a lockdown, with masks in the street! That was shown in Denmark, with randomised studies with people wearing and not wearing masks. The mask is not efficient.

So I would immediately re-establish all civil liberties, because now, France is no longer a democracy; it’s like a dictatorship, with only five or six people around the table now able to bypass Parliament and say “vaccination is mandatory” and so on.

Parker here.

So does the professor know what he’s talking about or is he a silly old fool?

I report. You decide.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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