“Surgeon” Quits Over Vaccine Mandate

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I found the following paragraphs on page 4 of the comment section at Karl Denninger’s place. Allegedly written by a Canadian surgeon. You decide if it’s true, or misleading and inflammatory propaganda:

Dear vaccinated,
We did not take your freedom. The government did.
We are not holding your freedoms at ransom. The government is.
If we are a danger to you, then your vaccine doesn’t work.
If it does, then you should already be free.
The government has lied to you.

First post.  

I have followed Mr. Denninger for at least a decade. I would describe him as the poster child for an autodidact.  
I am a surgeon in southwestern Ontario. On September 23, as a result of vaccine mandates, I will no longer be able to enter the hospital. My hospital based practice is given over to skin cancer (large resections with flap coverage) and trauma.

I have over 200 patients already booked in clinic that will be left orphaned as there are currently only 2 plastic surgeons for 450000 people.
This is a metaphorical hill I am prepared to die on. My privileges at the hospital will be revoked which will result in an automatic notification to my licensing body.  

My son, in his last year of computer science, will likely lose his year as a result of refusing the jab.  

One of the nurses phoned me last weekend inquiring as to possibility of referral to a psychologist/psychiatrist for her husband to go on stress leave-he is a nurse who works in the cath lab. The final straw for him was the 23 year old who came in with code STEMI 3 days post 2nd Moderna jab. He has many other stories of post jab MI’s etc. The neurologists are labelling post jab strokes as “embolic stroke of unknown etiology”. The cardiologists don’t even want to discuss the possibility of subclinical myocarditis in the vaccinated.

My licensing body (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) has ruled that I cannot say anything negative regarding masks, lockdowns, and vaccines. 
Informed consent is a joke. With removal of a simple cyst, I have to detail the potential complications of bleeding, infection, spread scar, hypertrophic scar, recurrence, and the issues of scar maturation over time. This is a bare minimum. With the jab (administered by nurse or physician), “please sign here that you consent to be jabbed and have your name entered in a database”-that’s it because the jab is “safe and effective and no steps have been skipped in its development”.

I am the progeny of holocaust survivors. I recognize Nazi Germany circa 1932 very well. It is difficult for me to swallow the cognitive dissonance of the Israeli government.  
People are starting to fight back. Twenty local EMS workers are refusing the jab.
The local police and firefighters are having a silent demonstration this weekend. You can feel the change in the air. However, the opposition are all in. They have no choice now but to see it to the end. If the public finds out what they have done, lynching won’t even begin to cut it.  

I am not violent. I have spent my entire adult life caring for people in distress and consider it an honour to have been able to do so. But, as mentioned here and elsewhere, all it would take would be the elimination of 100 people and this would all be over. Here, in Canada, we are very far away from that place. 

I have friends in the US who are retired special forces. They are closer to that place but not yet there. We shall see.

To Mr. Denninger, and all who post here, thank you for letting me be part of this community. You have my utmost respect.

2 responses to ““Surgeon” Quits Over Vaccine Mandate

  1. Crazy times. This may or may not be true, but it is a far cry from being far-fetched.

  2. Steve, you are being heard.