FTC Says Eukanuba Won’t Prolong Fido’s Life

From CBSNews.com:

“Mars Petcare, one of the country’s largest makers of dry pet food, ran a 2015 ad campaign for Eukanuba on TV, online and in print publications citing a 10-year scientific study that purportedly showed the product could extend dogs’ lifespan by 30 percent or more. The ads also pointed to a number of dogs, including three Labrador retrievers named “Iowa,” “Utah” and “Bunny,” that the company said were thriving well beyond the breed’s average 12-year lifespan.

“What we observed was astonishing,” the company said in its ads, according to the FTC.

FTC said that, in fact, the study showed that dogs that were fed Eukanuba lived no longer than dogs of the same breed typically do.”

Source: The arf-ful truth: That pricey dog food won’t extend Fido’s life – CBS News

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