How Much Exercise Is Enough?

“I’m a minimalist when it comes to exercise. A really small, really intense dose is all that is needed for the vast majority of people to manifest all of the health benefits that exercise can provide. This does not mean that you can then get away with bed rest in the face of this concentrated dose of exercise, I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying that if a person is living a fairly “normal” life with a decent amount of non-exercise activity built into their day, not a lot of “exercise” is needed above that to maximize health markers.”

     –Skyler Tanner in a recent blog post (click for the rest)

4 responses to “How Much Exercise Is Enough?

  1. Yep. I’d endorse that. Slow. Intense. Injury free. HIIT.Hillfit.

    That’s ‘exercise’ … but then there’s activity too and I think activity is also important. I also need to be movement aware and find ways to format sendentary imperatives so that they are broken up and contained intervals.

    So we need to be careful about elevating ‘exercise’ to a fetish and presuming it does everything we project onto it.

    if I walk the dogs, ride my bike, or dance … I’m not exercising as true exertion for me is intense and short and self consciously exercising. If I turned all my activities into ‘exercises’ there’d be no pleasure in them and I’d cheapen my commitment. They’d be obsessions and sooner or later I’d lose their lifestyle value.

    Why corrupt them by imposing exercising on them?

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