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Kevin Trudeau In Trouble With Feds Again

I’ve written before about twice-convicted felon Kevin Trudeau. He’s a well-known infomercial pitch man who wrote Weight Loss Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About.

Problem now is, he never paid his $37.6 million (USD) fine to the Federal Trade    Commission. Says he ain’t got the moolah, but the FTC doesn’t believe him.

ABC News has the story:

According to the government, credit card records demonstrate that the corporate entities owned or directed by Babenko [his wife] have been paying almost all of Trudeau’s American Express and Diner’s Club bills.  Her companies, the authorities say, have also paid for Bentley automobiles, private jet travel and the rent on a 14,000-square-foot mansion in Illinois.

I don’t feel sorry for Trudeau; I’m sad for the  folks he mislead in to buying his book.

Informercial Superstar Found In Contempt of Court

Kevin Trudeau, author of The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About and numerous other books, has been in trouble with the law over many years.

The twice-convicted felon was banned in 2004 from using infomercials to sell most products except for books and other publications.  The exception required that he not make false claims in infomercials.  The 2004 settlement regarding false claims also required him to pay $2 million.

Informercials for the aforementioned book began running in 2006.  In the commercials, Trudeau claims that his weight-loss plan is easy, simple, and you can do it at home.  “When you’re done, eat whatever you want and you don’t gain weight back.”

In reality, the book describes a complicated system involving daily intramuscular injections of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG), a prescription drug not approved by the U.S. FDA for weight loss.  You’ll have great difficulty finding a U.S. physician willing to prescribe this.  (The FDA last year told HCG marketers to cease and desist.)  The plan involves specialized cleanses and supplements.  One phase involves eating only 500 calories per day for 21 to 45 days, which is considered severe caloric restriction even for someone on a diet.  (Most people eat 1,500-2,5000 cal/day to maintain weight.)  Trudeau recommends 15 “colonics”  from a licensed colon therapist.  The book lists severe dietary prohibitions for life.

Trudeau’s felony convictions were in the 1990s: depositing bad checks, and credit card fraud.

On November 16, 2007, U.S. District Court Judge Robert W. Gettleman found Trudeau in comtempt of court for violating the 2004 injunction.

Trudeau’s Weight Loss Cure made it onto bestseller lists of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

Go figure.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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