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Seafood Farmed in China is Tainted with Antibiotics and Bacteria

The problem isn’t the antibiotics per se, but that fact that over-use of antibiotics lead to “super-bugs” (bacteria) that are hard to kill with standard antibiotics in the Western world.

Most of the smoked oyster tins I find in supermarkets in southern Arizona are from China. Now I wonder where the shrimp are from.

From PJMedia.com:

“Imported farm-raised seafood from China is tainted with antibiotics and often salmonella, U.S. regulators say, and the tainted fish is making its way to American tables.

The problem is, Asian fish farmers often supplement their fish feed with feces from pigs and geese, which contain harmful bacteria and antibiotics that have a direct impact on the seafood we eat. According to the latest research, up to 90 percent of the antibiotics administered to pigs pass through their urine and feces.

The U.S. Department of Commerce slapped a 112 percent tariff on Chinese shrimp, effective 2005, but unfortunately, Chinese suppliers have found ways to get around that.”

Source: Seafood Farmed in Asia is Tainted with Antibiotics