COVID-19: Rogan Interviewed Robert Malone, M.D.

n95 mask, goggles
You have to choose. Will it be the red pill or the blue pill?

If you believe the current political/media/globalist propaganda on COVID-19, this three-hour interview may change your mind. I don’t know how you can see the interview without opening a Spotify account and downloading their app. After that, search for The Joe Rogan Experience podcast then search for Dr Robert Malone. The interview was in Dec 2021. You can speed up the interview so it doesn’t take three hours. I listened at 1.5 x speed.

Herein, Dr Malone recommends against vaccination if you’ve already had COVID-19 because that that would increase your risk of an adverse effect from the vaccine. Which you don’t need anyway because the immunity you develop from being sick with COVID is better than the immune response to the vaccine.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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