Intermittent Fasting Is Probably Good For You

Eating within a 10-hour window shouldn’t be too hard. Breakfast at 7 AM, finish dinner by 5 PM. That’s right, we don’t need to be eating every 3–4 hours. Do you think our ancestors over the last 200,000 years have been eating three meals a day? I don’t. The probably went 24–48 hrs without much food on a regular basis.

From LA Times:

In an early effort to explore the benefits of daily fasting in humans, researchers have found that people who are at high risk of developing diabetes improved their health in myriad ways when they ate all of their meals over a span of just over 10 hours, then fasted for the remainder of their 24-hour day.

Source: Variant of intermittent fasting improved health in new study – Los Angeles Times

Steve Parker, M.D.

Steve Parker MD, Advanced Mediterranean Diet

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