Nuttin’ But Salads N=1 Experiment: Week 4 Summary

Mixed greens, cheese, walnuts, sous vide chicken, mandarin orange wedges, dried cranberries

My weight is down to 165.8 lb (75.4 kg), compared to 167.4 lb (76.1 kg) last week.


I feel good. Workouts are going well. No muscle cramps. I’m feeling a bit chilly much of the time, but that may be because winter finally came to southern Arizona.

Found in the hospitalist office. Not a salad. Didn’t eat any.

I’m eating two big salads a day and that’s it. Remember, I’m relatively sedentary so don’t need lots of calories. If I had a physical job, I might need to eat more often. I’m not bothered much by hunger or temptation. I wonder if I’m in ketosis. Perhaps proper mindset is a large part of my success.

I’m starting to wonder if I might eventually see my six-pack abs. They’re in there. Under an inch of fat.

 Steve Parker, M.D. 

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