Nuttin’ But Salads: An N=1 Experiment

I could stand to lose about 10 pounds of excess fat. I’m sure my 20-year-old suits would fit better around the waist. Not that I’m overweight or fat. My BMI is 24.4 (weight 175.5 lb and height 5 feet and 11.25 inches. (Damn. I’m only 63 and already have some age-related shrinkage.)

So what I’m going to do for the next 30 days is eat only salads and see what happens. Not bland iceberg lettuce salads with a few tomato wedges drizzled with ranch dressing. No, these will be super-salads, meaning they provide an adequate amount of the myriad nutrients necessary for health. Right now I can tell you this will require variety and supplemental protein compared to the salads most folks visualize.

Salads have a long history of being “diet food.” Yet I can’t think of an extant popular diet based on them.

Any thoughts or predictions?

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: How could a “nuttin’ but salads” diet lead to weight loss? I’m thinking there are certain foods that make people get fat, and avoiding them may lead to weight loss or prevent excessive weight gain. Certainly there are exceptions, but I’ve noticed the following items make people fat and keep them fat:

  • sugars, particularly if refined and concentrated
  • starches, particularly if refined and concentrated
  • soda pop, pastries, bread in all forms, pizza, candy, chips, cookies, cake, ice cream, pie, pasta, etc.
  • foods that taste too good, leading to over-consumption
  • excessive calories (from any source?)

I’m not sure about potatoes, beans, nuts, cheeses, and rice.

I also wonder if excessive variety may be a problem for many trying to lose weight, leading to too much temptation and experimentation. Maybe it’s good to get sick and tired of always eating the same thing. Maybe all you need is 3–4 different kinds of salads, plus protein food, and 1–2 fruits a day. Add more only when (if ever?) down to goal weight. Make a huge bowl of salad in the AM and eat it at mealtimes 2–3 times a day; make a different salad tomorrow?


3 responses to “Nuttin’ But Salads: An N=1 Experiment

  1. I am sure you are familiar w Terry Wahl’s eating plan. This fits that!
    My sister’s trainer always tells her “more greens” when she wants to drop weight.
    I predict success for you.

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