Found: Another Green Tea That’s Not So Green

This one is Yamamotoyam Sushi Bar Style Green Tea.

Yamamotoyama sushi style green tea

Yamamotoyama sushi bar style green tea

For $18 USD I got a pack of 90 individual teabags. So, just 20 cents a serving. “Best before” date is September 2018, so I’m assuming it’s relatively fresh, but who knows?


I’ll admit there’s a slight green tint to this drink that is predominantly yellow. Thirty seconds after I removed the teabag, it was simply light tan. Taste is fine.

My recollection of the reviews at Amazon several months ago was that this was going to be a green green tea. I’ll not go through those reviews AGAIN.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: I was at a sushi bar four months ago, but drank warm sake instead of tea.

Update December 9, 2016:

I’ve brewed a few more of these teabags and note a distinct greenish tinge to the tea in the cup. After a few minutes it fades to tan. I dissected a teabag and found green tea, indeed.

The dissected bag

The dissected bag


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