QOTD: Jack Donovan Favors Hillary Clinton for President

I think most middle and lower class white American men know on some semi-conscious level that America is never going to be great again—at least not for them—but it is going to take Hillary Clinton’s cold, Reptilian resting bitch-face on a Presidential portrait to make them accept it and start working through the rest of the stages of grief, so they can finally move on. So they can finally start imagining a post-American future for themselves and begin developing tribal alternatives, before it is too late. Before there are too few of them left to matter.

Jack Donovan, July 7, 2016

3 responses to “QOTD: Jack Donovan Favors Hillary Clinton for President

  1. Mildred Lage

    Hell no.

  2. Whoa! Now there’s a perspective for you. Vote for HRC so there’s no denying that we’ve become a nation of sheep.
    I don’t agree with his conclusion, but I certainly follow his line of thinking.

    Keep praying. And preach the gospel every day, using words if necessary.
    (Some saint said that. Words of wisdom there.)