Is That Scientific Journal Legitimate?

"Diabetes Care" isn't on Beall's list

“Diabetes Care” isn’t on Beall’s list

Librarian Jeffrey Beall has a blog (Scholarly Open Access) where he keeps a list of what he calls predatory publishers and questionable journals. This would only matter to you if you, like me, enjoy reading scientific journal articles. The problem with some journals is that they exist only to make a profit for the publishers, and will do so by any means necessary. Researchers in academic settings feel great pressure to publish their research results, or anything that looks like research. Even if they have to pay the publisher $1,8000 USD. The result can be a research report that has very little, if any, scientific validity. In other words, if you got the money, you’ll get published even if your research is crap.

If you wonder if a particular journal is questionable, check to see if it’s on Beall’s list.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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  1. This is a scary list, thanks for bringing it to our attention