What About Cancer Treatment Centers of America?

Since watching some of their TV ads, I’ve had doubts about CTCA. Dr. David Gorski took the time to do his own investigation of them. Let’s just say he’s not a raving fan. A quote:

In many ways, CTCA is the very epitome of “integrative medicine,” and I don’t mean that in a good way. (Actually, there is no good way to be the epitome of “integrative medicine,” which “integrates” pseudoscience and quackery with real medicine.) Then, late last year, it was revealed that Richard Stephenson, the founder of CTCA, is also one of the primary funding sources for Freedom Works, a right-wing Tea Party organization that was a major player in the 2012 elections. It was an interesting little tidbit in that it is yet another reminder that the tendency towards medical woo is not limited to the stereotypical crunchy granola-eating left wing fringe.

I have no reason to doubt any of Dr. Gorski’s points.

Read the whole enchilada. You’ll also see mention of PBS’s infomercials for Daniel Amen and Mark Hyman.

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