Dr. Harriet Hall on the GAPS Diet

I get the distinct impression she’s not a fan. A snippet:

There are plenty of red flags here: the “lone genius,” the “one cause” of most disease, the die-off and “wait a while and try again” explanations to keep patients on the diet when it is making them worse, the unvalidated sensitivity and diagnostic tests, the detoxification language, the bold but unsubstantiated claim of total reversal of autism, the dangerous recommendations for raw eggs, raw milk, and saturated fat and against vaccines and cholesterol testing, and more. Birds of a feather: she is associated with the Weston Price Foundation and was featured on Mercola’s website (both notorious sources of misinformation).

Read the rest.

(I’m not familiar with the GAPS diet and have only passing familiarity with the W.A.Price Foundation.)

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