Why the H#*! Are Glasses So Expensive?

Bix may have the answer: a near-monopoly by Luxoticca.

I’ve had glasses since I was in the third grade. Living as a kid in Duncan, Oklahoma, we’d drive down to Wichita Falls, Texas, for glasses costing $26.95, if memory serves. Now I pay about $500, and $300 for my kids.

Inflation over the last 40 years accounts for some of that, no doubt. But still…

One response to “Why the H#*! Are Glasses So Expensive?

  1. The Luxottica Group. They have an absolute monopoly on the eyewear industry. They manufacture and own over 30 brands, own the retail sector with over 7000 retail locations and also have their hands in the buyer’s market by owning one of the largest vision insurance companies in the US.

    Their only competitors are Walmart and Costco, which do not sell any name brands whatsoever – because Luxottica owns them all.