Does Veterinary Chiropractic Work?

Brennen McKenzie, D.V.M., writes at Science Based Medicine that “…there is virtually no reliable scientific evidence to show any benefit from veterinary chiropractic treatment.”

My daughter has given a little thought to becoming a veterinary chiropractor. I’ll have to share this with her.

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2 responses to “Does Veterinary Chiropractic Work?

  1. This squares with what we’ve heard from vets. One complaint they have is that animal owners will do this to forego conventional therapies that, although they often work, may be expensive. The result for the pet is not very good.

    Since you talk about nutrition and weight, there seems to be a growing concern at the practice we use with proper nutrition and weight management for pets. Like human foods, many pet foods are not terribly good and promises are made through marketing that don’t square with the research.

    The vets we’ve known have been very competent and dedicated, but the field may not be a great one to get into – if your daughter is thinking about it, finding a way to train without taking on huge debt would be important. Here is a link to a recent piece on the subject