Heavy Smoker? Drink Too Much? Don’t Exercise? Then Gaze Into the Crystal Ball

I know it’s tough, but change is possible.  Read this before it’s too late.  An excerpt:

“The thing they say about a man like my father, and a great many sportswriters match the description, is that he “did not take care of himself”. I cannot think of more than one or two conventionally healthy things that he did in my lifetime, unless I were to count prodigious napping and laughter. In addition to the chain-smoking, he drank a lot, rarely ordering beer except by the pitcher and keeping an oft-replaced bottle of whiskey on top of the fridge, though he showed its effects – when he showed them at all – in only the most good-natured way. He also ate badly and was heavy, at times very heavy, though strangely, especially taking into consideration a total lack of exercise, he retained all his life the thin legs and powerful calves of a runner. He was one of those people who are not meant to be fat, and I think it took him by surprise when his body at last began to give up: it had served him so well.”

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