Prepare For Weight Loss, Part 4: Starting New Habits

You already have a number of good habits that support your health and make your life more enjoyable, productive, and efficient. For example, you brush your teeth and bathe regularly, put away clean clothes in particular spots, pay bills on time, get up and go to work every day, wear your seat belt, put your keys or purse in one place when you get home, balance your checkbook periodically.

At one point, these habits took much more effort than they do now. But you decided they were the right thing to do, made them a priority, practiced them at first, made a conscious effort to perform them on schedule, and repeated them over time. All this required discipline. That’s how good habits become part of your lifestyle, part of you. Over time, your habits require much less effort and hardly any thought. You just do it.

Your decision to lose fat permanently means that you must establish some new habits, such as regular exercise and reasonable food restriction. You’ve already demonstrated that you have self-discipline. The application of that discipline to new behaviors will support your commitment and willpower.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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