April is Fitness Month: My Motivation

My wife, Sunny, decrees April to be Fitness Month.  No joke.

But it’s more than just fitness.  It’s about eating right, plus exercise.  No dining out for the entire month.  No junk food.  Renewed commitment to physical activity.

In the spirit of Fitness Month, I’m restarting my exercise efforts, which have been on hold for the last month.  I’ve simply been lazy.

I’m trying a new program based on resistance exercise and high-intensity interval training.  All in less than an hour a week.  To help me judge effectiveness, I’ve measured and recorded my baseline fitness.  I’ll re-measure every couple weeks or so.  After six or eight weeks, I’ll switch to a different program.

Exercise isn’t fun.  You need good reasons to do it.  Here are mine:

  • it keeps you young (fountain of youth)
  • longevity
  • less low back aching
  • injury resistance
  • keep my supraspinatous tendonitis (rotator cuff) in remission
  • prevention dementia, heart disease, and cancer
  • I’m a sheepdog, not a sheep
  • weight management
  • emergency preparedness (e.g., carry out an injured Boy Scout from a wilderness area)
  • more energy to enjoy life (hiking, camping, horseback riding, horse stall mucking, horse grooming, hay bale wrangling, long walks with others, etc.)

If you hope to exercise regularly, you’ll need your own list of reasons.  You’ll have days, weeks, or months when you just don’t want to exercise.  Review your list then.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS:  This is my first post done on my new MacBook Pro.  Woo hoo!  I haven’t given any thought to sources of royalty-free photos to accompany posts.  Any ideas?  I’m used to MS Clip Organizer, which isn’t on this machine.

3 responses to “April is Fitness Month: My Motivation

  1. You put me onto Chris Highcock’s HillFit which surely must be one of the best touch-all-bases package on offer. Easy to do. Takes so little time to complete. You can do it anywhere — no excuses! It has totally renovated my approach to exercise and I look forward to each second day — my ‘ex’ day — to come around because of the rejuvenation a darn good burn up gives you. I do other stuff but HillFit is my baseline motor room.

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