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Obese Women Exercise Vigorously Just One Hour per Year

…and obese men in the U.S. don’t do much better at 3.6 hours/year. I exercise vigorously about 50 hours/year.

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If you’re not familiar with weight training, a personal trainer is an great idea

myfoxny.com has the story based on a recent article in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. A quote:

What kind of lives are the most inactive people living? “I think they’re living the typical life. They drive their children to school, they sit at a desk all day long, they may play some video games and they go to sleep,” Archer said.


Without a doubt, it’s hard to exercise if you’re markedly obese. Here’s how.

Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/24774893/average-obese-woman-gets-just-1-hour-of-exercise-a-year-study#ixzz2u2MMctiW