AARP, United Healthcare, and CVS Promote Higher Prescription Drug Prices for Seniors

Like type 1 diabetics, many type 2’s need insulin shots

From Washington Times:

Most folks think of the AARP as a membership organization that gives older Americans discounts on magazine subscriptions and cellphone plans. In fact, those business lines are secondary to AARP’s real source of income, a lucrative partnership with United Healthcare.

AARP partners with United Healthcare to offer health insurance plans to its membership. On its face, there’s nothing inappropriate about this type of affinity branding; the problem is that United Healthcare (and, frankly, other insurance companies) have made some decisions at the expense of seniors and the Medicare program, which should run counter to what a seniors-focused advocacy organization endorses. Recent actions by United Healthcare to limit seniors’ access to less expensive versions of Medicare drugs calls into question whether the AARP is looking out for older Americans or its own bottom line.

This is one of many reasons why healthcare is so expensive in the U.S. Spending on prescription drugs here accounts for nine to 9% of total healthcare cost. Annual pharmaceutical spending per capita is $1,443 compared to a range of $466 to $939 in other high-income countries.

We in the U.S. spent $334 billion on prescription drugs in 2017.

Source: AARP, United Healthcare and CVS keep prescription drug prices higher for seniors – Washington Times

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