Smoke fags, save lives: #Cigarettes May Prevent #COVID19 #Coronavirus

“I knew my doctor was FOS”

From Spiked:

There’s not much to laugh about these days, but the news that smokers might be protected from Covid-19 is certainly one of them. With study after study showing that smokers are under-represented in coronavirus wards, the renowned French neuroscientist, Jean-Pierre Changeux, is working on a randomised control trial to test the effect of nicotine patches on Covid-19 patients.

This is far from being a crackpot theory. Changeux has explained his hypothesis at length here. In simple terms, he says that nicotinic acetylcholine receptors play a key role in the development of the disease and that nicotine can put a brake on it. If he is right – and the banter heuristic says he is – it would not only save thousands of lives but would also be one in the eye for the ‘public health’ groups who have been claiming that smoking and vaping are risk factors for Covid-19.

Source: Smoke fags, save lives – spiked

It would be premature to start a smoking habit. And nicotine is not the same a cigarette smoke.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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