Connecting the Dots: Italy, China, and the #Coronavirus #COVID19

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Did the large Chinese population in northern Italy contribute the devastating COVID-19 epidemic there?

From American Renaissance:

For decades, a large, sometimes hostile Chinese community has worked in the Italian fashion and textile industries. Immigrants — legal and illegal — started as a cheap, “exploited” labor source that allowed high-fashion companies to slap a “Made in Italy” label on products churned out in sweatshops. Now, Chinese own many off-the-books factories, ignoring employment and safety laws, and dodging taxes. They are also carving out a competitive niche in the fashion industry, and even buying up iconic Italian companies.

Was the China connection the reason the coronavirus outbreak hit Italy so hard and so early? So much immigration has been illegal — and so many Chinese factories don’t even exist on paper — that contact tracing and other disease control measures were impossible.

The odd thing about the author’s theory is that there doesn’t seem to have been an outbreak of COVID-19 in the Chinese community in Prato, Italy.

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Source: Italy, China, and the Coronavirus – American Renaissance

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