#COVID19 fatalities in Israel are mostly elderly men, average age 79.8 #Coronavirus


I’m getting worried, doc

Only 6% of the COVID-19 fatalities in Israel are under 60 years old, similar to global averages. And 64% of the deceased are male, in other countries. As of the date of the article below, Israel had only 34 total COVID-19 deaths. There are bound to be more; 83 cases are on ventilators and I suspect 50–90% of them will not make it.

From The Times of Israel on April 2, 2020:

Most of Israel’s coronavirus fatalities have been elderly men with underlying medical conditions, in line with global averages.

The average age of Israel’s dead was 79.8 years old as of Thursday afternoon. Of the 34 dead, 21, or 64 percent, were men, and 13 were women.

Ninety-four percent of Israel’s fatalities — all but two — are over the age of 60, in line with the average in Europe of 95%.

The vast majority of Israel’s dead had underlying medical conditions, as do most senior citizens. Israeli medical authorities rarely specify which preexisting conditions the fatalities had.

I’ve never seen a breakdown at to how many seriously ill COVID-19 patients have morbid obesity.

Source: Israeli coronavirus fatalities are mostly elderly men, average age 79.8 | The Times of Israel

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  1. Vicki Kechekian

    It would also be interesting to examine gut microbiota in those otherwise-healthy people who are hit hard by COVID-19.