Nuttin’ But Salads N=1 Experiment: Week 11 Summary

Cucumber salad with feta cheese and sautéed chicken

Week 10 was an anomaly due to a 1,700-mile road trip during which I gained a couple pounds eating regular food. Now I’m down a pound, from 163.8 (74.5 kg) to 162.6 (73.9 kg). I was a good boy this week.

Just got this “salad dressing shaker.” I thought it was a cruet.

Since I haven’t done nutritional analysis on these salads yet, I’m taking a general multivitamin. To help keep my blood pressure under control, I take magnesium oxide 800 mg/day and try to drink 2–3 cups of hibiscus tea/day. I’m not sure if the supplements are doing any good. The diet probably doesn’t meet the RDA for calcium but I’m not worried about it.

Not salad……..not gonna eat it.
Temptation at the workplace.

Steve Parker, M.D.


2 responses to “Nuttin’ But Salads N=1 Experiment: Week 11 Summary

  1. Your salad photos give me great ideas for my own salad combos. Thanks!