Nuttin’ But Salads N=1 Experiment: Week 10 Summary

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“Nuttin’ But Salads” is a misnomer for week 10. Less than 30% of my meals were salads. I’m even three days late for this report, due April 17.

Not sure if this is chicken or tuna salad

Problem is, I was on a 1,700-mile road trip and decided it would just be too inconvenient to keep up the salad habit. We were on the road for 10-12 hours for three consecutive days, driving from Hammond, Indiana, to back home.

At Lonestar Steakhouse in Amarillo, TX

For what it’s worth, my weight a couple days ago was 163.8 lb (74.5 kg) compared to 161.6 lb (73.4 kg) April 10. So not too bad a gain.

Strawberry shortcake in Amarillo. Yeah, I enjoyed the heck out of it.

Did you hear about the E. coli disease outbreak linked to romaine lettuce? Thanks to Sam’s Club for warning my wife via email; they knew she had bought some questionable romaine there.

Steve Parker, M.D.

2 responses to “Nuttin’ But Salads N=1 Experiment: Week 10 Summary

  1. Love this journey!
    I was going to suggest that you simply toss a bag of salad greens in a cooler on ice, bring some Chinet platters and plastic forks, and you could have had all the salads you want. McDonalds cheeseburger salad , ya know—
    Your reminder about the e. coli w the chopped Romaine though made me think perhaps Divine Intervention played a role in your decision to abandon the greens for the Cheetos and Fritos!

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