Nuttin’ But Salad N=1 Experiment: Week 7 Summary

Two cups of raw Brussels sprouts salad

My weight today is 162.2 lb (73.7 kg). One week ago it was 166.6 lb (75.7 kg) and two weeks ago was 164 lb (74.4 kg). I started the experiment at 175.5 lb (79.8 kg).

…with 4 oz sous vide chicken breast

My family bought me an expensive belt for Christmas, and now it fits! I’m sure my suit pants fit again, so I’m ready for another funeral or deposition.

Greek salad with canned salmon

This cost me $6 at Safeway

I feel good. Workouts are going well without diminution of performance, which I take as evidence for preservation of muscle despite weight loss. I  get occasional nocturnal leg cramps, but not enough that I would take a potassium or calcium supplement. Unexpectedly, during this experiment I’ve had two episodes of constipation as bad as any I’ve ever had in my life. And two episodes of diarrhea. Go figure.

One of our favorite go-to salads

For the record, around Week 5 I started taking a multivitamin and vitamin D 1000 IU supplement, “just to be sure.” So a total of 1800 IU vitamin D; I may not need that much. I haven’t been spending time in the sun since my hiking is on hold. I also take 800 mg/day of magnesium oxide, which I had started previously to help keep a lid on my blood pressure.

We don’t absorb magnesium supplements very well. P.D. Mangan says mag citrate is the most absorbable formulation.

My diet compliance is waning a bit. I’ve grabbed a few handfuls of nuts between salad meals. Should be munching a protein food instead.

Oh yeah. I ate five of these. They were a present from my daughter. How could I turn them down?

I do miss alcohol. But I think I’ve been more productive without it. I had a glass of wine on Valentine’s Day and my wedding anniversary.

Workplace temptation, successfully resisted

Like everybody else, I have to deal with temptation.

Don’t ask me where I’m going with this experiment. I don’t know. I’m curious about where my weight will settle and whether I’ll see my six-pack abs then.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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