Nuttin’ But Salads N=1 Experiment: Week 5 Summary

Hard to see the bed of leafy greens

Weight is down to 164 lb (74.4 kg), having started five weeks ago at 175.5 lb (79.8 kg). So 11 lb in five weeks. Not bad!

I didn’t buy this at Costco but it looked wonderful and would easily feed two. Great deal for the price. Costco has good prices on salad greens.

My compliance has been good except for tonight when my wife and I ate at The Keg steakhouse. I had arctic char (my first time, tastes like salmon), creamed cauliflower, roasted l0w-carb veggies, sourdough bread, 6 fl oz red wine, and Billy Miner Pie (mostly mocha ice cream). My weight should be up a couple pounds tomorrow.

Before: My wife found this at Domino’s Pizza. Surprisingly good and fresh, for $5 USD. One small meal.

After mixing

I still haven’t done nutritional analysis of my meals. Wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t meet the RDIs for calcium and vitamin D. I haven’t spent much time in the sun this winter.

The chicken breast on this was prepared sous vide style with Montreal steak seasoning, then pan-seared

My waistline is an inch narrower. I still can’t see a six-pack so I think I’ll keep on the Nuttin’ But Salads diet for now, adding a multivitamin and vitamin D “just to be sure.”

I like this Newman’s Own dressing. First ingredient is olive oil blend, unlike most commercial vinaigrettes that first list water or canola oil. Pour spout is messy, but I can live with that.

I feel good and my workouts are going well w/o reduction in performance.

One of our favorites

Do the eggs make you think “breakfast salad”? I gained a couple pounds after eating this cheese-laden meal, and then did a 24-hour fast.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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