What the Heck Is Gut Microbiota?

Have you heard about how our gut bacteria affect our health? Want to learn more?

Lucy, Ph.D., wrote a good summary article for those who are a little smarter than the average bear. You may find this particularly pertinent if you have irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, or a mood disorder. A snippet:

“The health benefits provided by the gut microbiota include preventing disease causing bacteria, breaking down toxic compounds, shaping the immune system, providing nutrients, the synthesis of vitamins, particularly vitamin B and K and the production of important metabolites. Metabolites are the intermediates or end products of metabolism. The metabolites produced by the microbes in the gut make up one third of all the metabolites found in the human blood and these compounds have some very important functions. Short-chain fatty acids are the main metabolic end products produced by the gut microbiota.”

Source: What does it mean to have a ‘healthy gut?’ | I can’t believe that’s healthy

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