FDA Making Kratom Illegal

Like many folks, ItsTheWooo ain’t happy about it:

“Now, if you search my blog tags, you guys will know i’ve experimented, and very much benefit from kratom.  I’ve been using kratom for 2 years and counting, and i consider it really a healing substance, that transformed my life considerably. . Kratom has been a very valuable herb to me, which helps my mood and assists my sleep, helps my body regulate weight, and is generally a relaxing pleasant addition to my regimen.The first year i found it, the kratom was so effective it felt like a magical cure. There was greater happiness in my experience of life – it made me happier days after a dose, it kept fall depression completely at bay, and finding it in late august 2 years ago it was as if the summer did not end. It also stopped my brain, made the “noise” go away, let me sleep normally. Kratom seemed to normalize my body rhythm – i woke the same time every day, i slept the same every day. Upon finding kratom , my mood , sleep, everything got so much better; it even helped cure residual “eating problems” , eating became much easier and residual dieting/monitoring behaviors vanished.Work became much easier – the constant struggle with thoughts of people’s intents died down considerably. I could peacefully exist w/o this internal dialogue of suspicion. I performed vastly better at work as a result of kratom resolving these thought issues, as i could interact more normally with coworkers vs “coping” with my thoughts.”

Source: *The Scribble Pad*: Personal update + Kratom discussion (The unethical DEA tramples civil , human rights)

As a hospitalist, I see lots of accidental and intentional drug overdoses and adverse drug effects. But I’ve never seen a patient with an adverse effect from kratom. I’ve never even run across a patient who mentioned taking it.

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  1. thanks for your article this is a great read. I still can’t believe they are trying to make kratom illegal