Bix the Fanatic Cook Says Alcohol Causes Cancer

Beautiful woman smiling as she is wine tasting on a summer day.

“Even light drinking increases the risk for cancer. This was a big-deal study. It’s not getting the press attention it should because people don’t like it. Businesses don’t like it.”

If this was a big deal study, why was it published in a journal called Addiction? Few people read that.

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Source: Alcohol Causes Cancer | Fanatic Cook

I don’t doubt that alcohol consumption is linked to some cases of cancer, probably causing them. The question is “how much alcohol and which cancers?” Up to this point, carcinogenesis had required heavy drinking. Except women with a family or personal history of breast cancer should be extra-cautious about drinking any alcohol, IIRC.

I wrote about alcohol and cancer in women in 2012. You’ll read at that post that alcohol consumption was linked to lower rates of three specific cancers.

I’m still not convinced that low to moderate alcohol consumption causes cancer in the general public.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open on this important issue.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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