Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Cause 9% of Type 2 Diabetes Cases in U.S.

…according to a meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal.

At this point, it’s more accurate to say the two are associated than to say the drinks cause diabetes.

One response to “Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Cause 9% of Type 2 Diabetes Cases in U.S.

  1. American Beverage Association, ABA Communications

    As noted here, the primary study cited does not at all prove causation. Quite to the contrary, this research has numerous limitations, as explained in detail here: Frankly, this study is not the result of clinical trials; therefore, these findings cannot be read as proving a direct link between sugary drinks and type 2 diabetes.

    With that said, our industry is committed to being part of real solutions to public health challenges. We are helping people manage their calorie and sugar intake by providing a wide range of beverage options, a variety of package sizes and clear, easy-to-read information to help them make the choice that’s right for them. Additionally, under a new initiative called Balance Calories, members of the American Beverage Association are working toward a common goal of reducing beverage calories in the American diet by 20 percent by 2025. In sum, meaningful health behavior change relates to overall diet and activity, and we’re doing our part to promote this message.
    -American Beverage Association