Psychiatrist Georgia Edes Loves Her Ketogenic Diet

Click for details. Ketogenic diets are used for a variety of purposes, but most commonly weight loss.

Here’s Dr. Edes’ version of a ketogenic diet:

My diet consists almost entirely of roasted chicken (with skin), duck (with skin), duck fat, turkey, fish, chicken liver, zucchini, spinach, plantain chips, berries, lettuce, small amounts of black coffee, and salt.  I’ve been avoiding chocolate entirely.   Every once in a while I eat beef, pork, or a very small amount of cheese, or when at a restaurant might order something that includes a cream, wine, or butter-based sauce, but these don’t usually agree with me, so I keep them to a minimum, and most days I completely avoid them.  I steer clear of preserved, smoked, cured, aged, fermented, canned, and processed foods whenever possible.

Most folks will enter ketosis when they get their daily digestible carbohydrate consumption below 30-50 grams. My favorite method is the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet.

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