Did Angelina Jolie Make the Right Decision to Have Surgery?

Dr. Cate says, “No.”

Dr. David Gorski, “Yes.”

Women with the BRCA-1 or -2 gene have a greatly increased risk of developing breast cancer. Bilateral mastectomy is one way to prevent most future breast cancers and prolong life in those women.

Breast cancer is one of the cancers that appears to be prevented by the Mediterranean diet. Not all breast cancers, of course. But the Mediterranean diet has never been studied as a cancer reduction strategy in women with BRCA genes. By no means am I suggesting that Ms. Jolie should have kept her breasts and simply ate Mediterranean-style. 

Women with BRCA genes are also prone to ovarian cancer, another cancer whose incidence is reduced by the Mediterranean diet. (Mediterranean dieters also have lower risk of prostate and colorectal cancer.)

Cancer reduction is one of the major reasons nutrition experts favor the Mediterranean diet.

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