Why Do American Drugs Cost So Much?

“Government regulation is stifling America’s vibrant pharmaceutical industry. A recent report by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology estimates that it costs an average of $1.2 billion to win FDA approval and bring a new drug to market.”

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2 responses to “Why Do American Drugs Cost So Much?

  1. Rubbish. American drugs cost so much because the USA run a privatised medical system which is the most expensive and wasteful in the world. Whether it is drugs or surgery the market price is always huge in the USA. Elsewhere we deliver drugs so much cheaper — in many instances for free — because we don’t look at patients as consumers. So WE INSIST THAT OUR GOVERNMENTS CONTROL the price of drugs.
    Look at Canada.You get sick. Get sick in Canada not in the US.
    Drugs should be developed by government run laboratories open to public and full peer review scrutiny. But then that’s hardly Americana apple pie, right?

    • Hi,Dave. Regarding drug development, our politicians in the U.S.are not smart enough to be in charge of that. Examples: our $16 trillion dollar federal budget deficit and foreign military adventures over the last few decades.