How to Choose a Weight-Loss Program

I listed most of your weight-loss program options in Part 1 of this series. Now it’s time to make a choice. And it’s not easy sorting through all the options.

Straight away, I must tell you that women over 300 pounds (136 kg) and men over 350 pounds (159 kg) rarely have permanent success with self-help methods such as diet books, meal replacement programs, diet pills or supplements, and meal-delivery systems. People at those high weights who have tried and failed multiple different weight-loss methods should seriously consider bariatric surgery.

I respect your intelligence and desire to do your “due diligence” and weigh all your options: diet books, diet pills and supplements, bariatric surgery, meal replacement products (e.g., SlimFast), portion-control meal providers (e.g., NutriSystem), Weight Watchers, fad diets, no-diet diets, “just cutting back,” etc. You have to make the choice; I can’t make it for you. Here are some well-respected sources of advice to review before you choose:

For me personally, the “diet book” option is appealing. Why? Convenience. Low cost. Effectiveness. If I forget or don’t understand something, I can re-read it.

Since I’m a diet book author, you may consider me biased in favor of my own books, which are more about lifestyle modification than short-term dieting. If I didn’t think I could do better than the other books on the market, I wouldn’t have bothered to write my own.

So, please consider my Advanced Mediterranean Diet: Lose Weight, Feel Better, Live Longer (2nd Edition). Click here for a description of the book. Click here for customer reviews. You can order the book at the AMD website,, Barnes & Noble, or check it out from your local library.

I’ve also published a free, online, stripped-down version of my healthy lifestyle program: the Do-It-Yourself Mediterranean Diet.

Also free is my Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet, which is very low-carb. It’s at my Diabetic Mediterranean Diet Blog, but it works as well for non-diabetics as for diabetics. The comprehensive version of Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet is available at, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

I’m doing everything I can to help you live longer and healthier.

Whatever your choice, I wish you success and good health in 2012 and beyond!

Steve Parker, M.D.

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