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Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle Associated With Reduced Alzheimer Dementia

Alzheimer disease is a progressive brain disorder resulting in memory loss, personality change, functional impairments, and a decline in various types of thinking (e.g., math ability, problem-solving, spatial orientation). It is the most common form of dementia in the eldery, causing about 70% of cases and afflicting four million people in the U.S.

TheBostonChannel.com recently published a news release from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on how to prevent Alzheimers Disease. It is a Q&A interview with Dr. Daniel Press, neurologist and Alzheimer specialist.

Dr. Press made favorable comments about the Mediterraean diet and pointed out that avoidance of obesity and diabetes may also help prevent Alzheimer disease. Regular aerobic exercise, 30 minutes daily, also seems to be protective. The potential protective effect of alcohol consumption was not mentioned.

For details on how to accomplish all this, see the Do-It-Yourself Mediterranean Diet, the Alzheimer disease prevention article at WebMD.com, or The Advanced Mediterranean Diet book.

Steve Parker, M.D.