Dr Ryan Cole Warns: “Don’t Take the mRNA Vax Booster!”

The patient is wise to look away. If you watch the needle go in, it’ll hurt more.

Greg Hunter interviewed pathologist Dr Ryan Cole:


Dr Cole avers that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines (e.g., Moderna and Pfizer) are making people sick and killing some. How so? Impairing immunity, leading to cancers and recrudescence of prior cancers and dormant infections such as varicella and Eptein-Barr virus. Also via clot formation induced by the spike proteins induced by the vaccination, leading to sudden death. Dr Cole believes that the damage caused by the vaccines will eventually exceed that of COVID-19 itself.

I work as a hospitalist at a 120-bed hospital in southern Arizona, HonorHealth Thompson Peak hospital in Scottsdale. This is in an area called “The Valley of the Sun,” which is best known for Phoenix but includes may adjacent cities like Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Sun City, Peoria, and others. Arizona has ~7.5 million residents; ~3 million are in the Valley. What you may not know is that the Valley population fluctuates significantly every year because we have winter visitors from other states that come to here avoid the snow and cold. The “snowbirds” arrive in December and most depart by mid-May because it’s too damn hot here. A majority of winter visitors are elderly and retired. Because of their age, they are high healthcare utilizers. Hospitalized patient numbers swell in winter and recede in Spring.

I mention all this to say we’re seeing unusually high hospitalization rates even now, in June, and it’s not clear why. Possibilities include:

  • Available hospital beds counts aren’t keeping up with population growth
  • The residents are aging, so need, more hospital care
  • The pandemic temporarily reduced or restricted the delivery of medical care, so we are playing “catch up” now
  • The high vaccination rate over the last 1.5 years is making people sick

My little 120-bed hospital is an excellent facility but would not usually be considered a major regional referral center for all of Arizona. We’re not a trauma center and we don’t do cancer chemotherapy, obstetrics, pediatrics, or neurosurgery. But we’re getting referrals for admission from all over the state, such as Sierra Vista and Show Low. The reason we’re getting admissions from all over the state is because the larger referral centers (300-500 beds) are full. Why full? See the bullet list above. Another factor may be lack of support staff such as nurses. E.g., an ICU bed is worthless unless you have a nurse to take care of the patient. Is there a shortage because of the vax mandates? I don’t know.

I wish I had a high enough birds-eye view and data to figure this out.

Steve Parker, M.D

PS: I hear no chatter yet about HonorHealth mandating the vax booster for medical staff. I doubt I will take it.

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