#COVID-19 Link Dump: Dr Bhattacharya Overview of U.S. Pandemic Response, Political Influence Over CDC and FDA, the New “Ministry of Truth”

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Nick Gillespie interview of Dr Jay Bhattacharya in April. 2022 regarding the U.S. response to CO VID-19:

Watch this before it’s deleted by Biden’s Ministry of Truth.

Who’s Bhattaharya? A Stanford professor of medicine (so an M.D.) who also has a PhD in economics. Notes I took during the video:

  • Lockdowns increased worldwide poverty, leading to deaths and other adverse effects that were not accounted for prior to lockdown implementation. (I’m on record as being against lockdowns and school-closings as of April 2, 2020.)
  • there will be no more lockdowns (excluding Shanghai, apparently)
  • interruption of schooling for children caused significant but little-discussed problems
  • dissenting scientific voices like his never should have been marginalized
  • he’s one of the three authors of the Great Barrington Declaration (I signed in Nov 2020)
  • he admits that the mRNA vaccines decrease severe disease (deaths and ? hospitalizations)
  • he took the Pfizer vaccine and caught COVID-19 afterwards; not boosted
  • “We never should have closed the schools.”
  • the collapse of confidence in public health authorities is a major problem; the authorities need to apologize for their bad recommendations
  • there’s no evidence that mask-wearing in children is helpful
  • he’s against vax mandates and vax passports, based on the science
  • the vaccines don’t stop spread of the disease
  • politically, he says he’s center-right
  • he’s against Big Tech censorship of dissenting voices
  • “COVID is here to stay, it’s never going away.”
  • expect new waves of disease and new variants
  • he says academic researchers are dependent on NIH grants and that’s a major reason academics were and are reticent to question Fauci’s recommendations
  • in addition to Fauci, Francis Collins and Rochelle Walensky deserve blame for mismanagement of the pandemic in the U.S.

I don’t disagree with anything Dr B says in the video. I figure he’s smarter than me, and certainly more articulate.

From UK’s DailyMail:

CDC and FDA ‘altered’ Covid guidance and even ‘suppressed’ findings while under political pressure, bombshell report suggests: Whistle-blower employees say they feared ‘retaliation’ if they spoke up

CDC and FDA officials ‘altered’ Covid guidance and even ‘suppressed’ findings related to the virus due to political pressure, a bombshell report suggests.

Investigators from the watchdog Government Accountability Office (GAO) spoke to more than a dozen directors and managers who worked at the agencies behind the country’s pandemic guidance.

They unearthed allegations of ‘political interference’ in scientific reports, raising fears that research was tampered with.

You didn’t see this on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, our your local news station, did you?

In Another Orwellian Move, Biden DHS to Create a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

RedState says “Biden’s New ‘Ministry of Truth’ Director Turns out to Be a Raving Lunatic.” Her name is Nina Jankowicz.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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