COVID-19 Link Dump: Doc Sues Hospital for Interference, Vax Booster Cuts Death Rate, British Mortuaries Full, Strokes and D-Dimer

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Intubated to prevent death from severe COVID-19

Top ICU Doctor Suspended After Suing Hospital for Banning Life-Saving COVID Treatments

From Children’s Health Defense:

A top critical care physician who filed a lawsuit against Sentara Norfolk General Hospital over its ban on administering life-saving drugs to treat COVID patients, has had his hospital privileges suspended.

Dr. Paul Marik, chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and director of the ICU at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, learned about the 14-day suspensionwhen he arrived to work on Saturday and found a letter on his desk.

The letter was dated Nov. 18 — the same day Marik appeared before a judge in Norfolk Circuit Court requesting a temporary injunction to lift the ban, Marik’s attorney said.

What on earth could be motivating Dr Marek? Enormous legal bills? Infamy? Secret desire to lose his medical license? Wicked pleasure seeing patients die? Or is he simply incompetent, as the hospital implies?

Click for info on Children’s Health Defense’s priorities.

Pfizer booster in Israel reduced risk of death from COVID-19 by 90% over the course of two months.

Study subjects were 50 years of age or older. Half of them had hypertension, a third had obesity, and a third had diabetes.

The study authors note that…

Another major limitation of this study is the lack of data regarding serious adverse events. Future studies will be needed to assess the safety of the administration of the booster.

…studies with longer-term follow-up periods to assess the effectiveness and safety of the booster are still warranted.

Alarm grows as mortuaries fill with thousands of non-COVID deaths

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Mike Whitney writing at had access to the U.K. Telegraph article and shared this:

“Nearly 10,000 more people than usual have died in the past four months from non-Covid reasons, as experts called for an urgent government inquiry into whether the deaths were preventable….

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that England and Wales registered 20,823 more deaths than the five-year average in the past 18 weeks. Only 11,531 deaths involved Covid.” 

We have a recent similar report pertaining to Scotland.

Could these excess non-COVID deaths be caused by the COVID-19 vaccines via clots in hearts, brains, and lungs? Or are the social lock-downs the cause via suicides, despair, and postoned medical care?

Emergency Physician questions whether COVID-19 vaccine-induced blood clots cause strokes and TIAs (transient ichemic attacks)

Alleged Dr Rochagne Kilian was practicing Emergency Medicine at Gray Bruce Health Services in Ontario, Canada, in early 2021 as the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out. Her department noticed increased frequency of strokes, transient ischemic attacks, and stroke-like symptoms. These issues are often caused by blood clots. A common blood test that screens for blood clots is called d-dimer. Dr Kilian noticed that many patients with stroke-like symptoms had received a COVID-19 vaccine and also had high d-dimer levels. So she naturally wondered whether the vaccines were causing strokes. I’m not sure why and how it transpired, but she eventually resigned her position in protest of vaccine mandates and corruption of health services. Her license to practice medicine was suspended on Oct 27, 2021. She’s a bad sheep, eh?

Steve Parker, M.D.

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