Where’s the Beef: Six-Month Clinical Data from the Moderna Vaccine EUA Trial

Two years of Moderna stock performance as of Aug 5, 2021.

Moderna’s original clinical trial that led to Emergency Use Authorization enrolled ~30,000 participants, half of whom got a placebo injection instead of the vaccine. I tried, unsuccessfully, to find the six-month clinical data from this trial. Mostly what I found was press releases touting ongoing high “effectiveness” (93%), without defining effectiveness. From an article at Reuters Aug 5:

The six-month data also suggests that Moderna’s vaccine still provides 98% protection against severe disease and was 100% effective at preventing death caused by COVID-19. There were three deaths in the placebo arm of the trial.

I need more data. What caused the three deaths in the placebo group? Were there any deaths in the vaccinees? Pfizer’s clinical trial at six months reported 16 deaths in their 22,000 vaccinees. What if the vaccines replace COVID-19 deaths with heart attack and stroke deaths?

I need more data. Moderna has it. It’s suspicious that they’re not sharing.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: The formal name of the pertinent Moderna clinical trial is Phase 3 COVE Study of mRNA-1273.

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