Vaccine Skepticism: Dr Hodkinson interviewed by Taylor Hudak

The Last American Vagabond posted an interview with what appears to be a well-qualified Canadian pathologist who is very wary of the mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. Essentially he says that we don’t know if they’re adequately safe, especially for women of child-bearing age, pregnant women, and young folks. Dr Hodkinson reminds us that the survival rate for COVID-19 is generally very high, so why take chances with a vaccine of dubious safety.

The interview above is 120 minutes. Here’s a 38 minute one with Anna Brees.

face mask, young womanartist rendition of coronavirus

2 responses to “Vaccine Skepticism: Dr Hodkinson interviewed by Taylor Hudak

  1. There need to be more studies on natural immunity acquired from infection. Is it stronger and longer lasting having had COVID, do natural antibodies provide more diverse protection (better protection from variants potentially)? But that’s not where the money is, and not part of the Big Pharma playbook.

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