Have We Been Mislead About the Protection Provided By Masks? #Coronavirus #COVID19


She may have the right idea

Infectious Disease Professor Kim Woo-joo from Korea University Guro Hospital has no doubt that the common use of face masks by the public in Korea and other Asian countries helps to reduce the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19. His pertinent comments start at 15:50 or so. If you’re fairly knowledgeable  about this pandemic, you can skip everything up until then.

He thinks the World Health Organization and DCD pooh-pooh face masks for the general public so that healthcare workers have enough.

Did you know you can increase the playback speed? I listened at speed 1.5 and had no trouble. Most of the video has subtitles in English.

Dr Woo-too stresses the importance of frequent hand-washing.

Also discussed is that the common street mask in Korea is the KF94, which I’d never heard of. Dr W says they’re nearly as good as the N95.

Dr W implies that smoking by itself is a risk factor for contracting COVID-19, regardless of any underlying diagnosis of emphysema or COPD.

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