Antibody Test for #Coronavirus May Soon Be Available #COVID19

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When we’re exposed to an infection, our bodies produce antibodies to help us fight off the germ before it kills us. Scientists are developing antibody blood tests to see who has already had Coronavirus (COVID-19) and survived it

From MIT Technology Review:

The Icahn team, led by virologist Florian Krammer, says the new test could help locate survivors, who could then donate their antibody-rich blood to people in ICUs to help boost their immunity.

What’s more, doctors, nurses, and health-care workers could learn if they’ve already been exposed. Those who have, assuming they are now immune, Krammer suggests, could safely rush to the front lines and perform the riskiest tasks—like intubating a person with the virus, without worrying about getting infected or bringing the disease home to their families.

Source: This blood test can tell us how widespread coronavirus really is – MIT Technology Review

Healthcare workers  who have been infected and survived probably don’t need PPE (personal protective equipment), which is in short supply.

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